Need help with peafowl colors!


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We have owned an India Blue trio for about 1.5 years and just bought four more birds from a friend of a friend. He is not quite sure what colors he had. I believe there is a Cameo hen, an India Blue pied cock and an India Blue female and one I am not sure about. I will be getting pictures of the four birds shortly. (Posting this from phone!)

For next year we want to split into two breeding groups. If we put the Cameo hen and IB Pied together, we would get IB females and IB split to Cameo males, correct? What about the pied? Would we get 50% pied and 50% normal coloring, split between the two sexes?
Indiablue pied male x Cameo hen= 50 % of the chicks will be split to white and 50% will be split pied.. Split white birds usually show white flight feathers and split pieds do not show any white color. A pied peafowl carrys one white gene and one pied gene. These two genes segregate, therefore, both the genes can not be passed on to a single chick.That is how 50% of chicks inherit white gene and the other 50% inherit pied gene. To get a pied chick, one parent must have a white gene and the other a pied gene. very simple and not difficult to understand.
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That makes more sense to me. Thank you. :)

Now onto the pictures.

India Blue Pied male?

India Blue Pied male and Cameo female.

Cameo female

India Blue female (not good lighting!)

?? This is the one I have no idea about.


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