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10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
I have used breed choosers before but can't really find what I was looking for so I am asking the experts.

We currently have 4 hens and room for atleast 2 more. In the Spring I want to buy some new chicks to add to the flock.

I want to find a bird that will show well at local poultry shows, is friendly (I have young kids) & easy to handle, will winter well (southern Maine), produce eggs, and is pretty....

Currently I have two buff's and two rocks. Any ideas?

& where to find them that will ship two chicks? The local places don't sell all the special birds.
My Pet Chicken, I believe, is the only place that will sell as few as 3 chicks. They need each other for warmth. You could always order more and then sell the ones you don't want.
muddipuppy: They need each other for warmth.

I second that..

jaimslee4u: Currently I have two buff's and two rocks

When you say Buff's do mean Buff Orpingtons? Or something else?
( There is a lot of Buff breeds out there )

Are your Rocks Barred Rocks?

You might consider a different color of the same breed you all ready have...

I vote for a true Ameraucana. They are really pretty and sweet, they lay blue eggs (which will be a big hit with the kids) and they are cold hardy.

Check the Ameraucana breeders club for pictures and a listing of breeders near you.

edit to add... man, I sound like an advertisement
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