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    Hey y'all!
    I need a little help searching the forums or directly. I am writing up a grant proposal for a mobile chicken coop and am looking for two types of plans. One is for a coop to build onto a trailer. In my case it needs to be at least 16 feet long and tall enough to stand in. Or plans for converting an old camper into a coop. This needs to have around 100 ft square. But plans for smaller trailers ok since I can do the math to increase size.

    I am trying to price out the materials list for building a nice move-able coop. (hook up either to a truck or tractor.)

    THanks! I am searching the forum but having trouble since my connection is slow. Any direct links would be appreciated!! I can draw one on paper but if someone ha done it and has a materials list that would be a HUGE help!

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