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    Aug 25, 2010
    I have a neighbor who hates my chickens and threated to kill them if they ever went on his property... Its the country in you dont like animals you shouldnt live here [​IMG] So now my dad freaked out and wont let ANY of my chickens free range even though i sold all of the chickens that went close to his property... I know my chickens and i know were they go but my dad just doesnt trust me IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!! [​IMG] So now he said he was gonna build a run and its been a month and he hasnt done anything and my chickens hate me cuz they have to stay inside.

    I was thinking if i planned it all out for him he might help me build it faster [​IMG] I have 6 large fowl hens, So how much outside space do they need? I also have a trio of silkies 2 young silkies, 6 silkie mixed juveniles FOR SALE and a big large fowl rooster.

    Mainly the 6 hens will be useing the run so how big should it be? How tall should the fencing be? And any other info on building a run would be very much appreciated [​IMG]


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    As big as you can and as tall as needed for you to walk inside easily.
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    At LEAST 10 sq ft per bird...more is better. If you want to do something quickly, and can afford it, you might look for chain link dog runs/kennels on Craig's list. You can put some corragated (sp) roofing panels over that or a large tarp, at least temporarily, to keep things dry.

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