need help with sex of chicken.


7 Years
May 9, 2012
hello all, this is my first post. was wondering if you all were able to determine if one of my buff orpingtons is a rooster?

im in a suburban/urban area and cant have roosters. i got the 2 buffs at the same time and just hit 6 months, im getting 1 egg a day, so im assuming only 1 is laying, and i know they can start laying at different times, but 1 of them is starting to make A LOT more noise, so i need to get it figured out before i have anyone called about noise complaints...

this one i believe is the hen.

this is the one in question,


and here are the 2 together, the one in question is on the left.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks all! and thanks for a wonderful and helpful site.
awesome, thank you everyone. so before they start laying they get noisy? once they start laying do they quiet down? the other one is pretty quiet and i definetely dont mind some chatter, just not sure how the neighbors will feel...cause she makes the most noise early, like 7-9 am, so im just worried about waking people up.
They're both pullets. Some girls are just noisy, but if your birds are legal and it's after 6 am there's really nothing for your neighbors to complain about.
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