Need help with sexing 9-10 weeks old Light Sussex.


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Hi everyone, I have been lurking this forum for a while now, this is my first time posting. I have kept Isa-brown for many years but never kept pure-breeds before. Recently I purchased a Gold Lace Wyandotte POL, two 14 weeks old Australorps pullets and a 9-10 weeks old Light Sussex. I have no issue with the sex of the the GLW and the Australorp because the breeders are very reliable and they look female to me.

However I am not too sure about the sex of the Light Sussex. I have been reading up on the subject (for the last 3 hours), I think mine is a girl but I thought I double check it with the experts on here. If you can help me confirm the sex of my Sussex I would much appreciate it! :) I have included photos below (The brown coloring in the wing and back feathers is from her doing a dirt/mud bath in the rain today).

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It's hard to see the feathers in the photo - hard to see if there are pointy hackle or saddle feathers. However, based on the comb (which is not red or prominent at all), I'd say it's a pullet.
Thanks for the quick reply CarolJ, I took the photo in the middle of the night after reading information on the breed. I think I read something about them being pointy if they are male? Mine seem to have very rounded feathers all down its back and neck. The only reason why I am confused is because of the tail feather, which mostly point downward, but could that be because she is a little intimidated by the new surrounding? She isn't very confident.
Finger cross she won't become a he in a few more weeks.
She looks like my 10 week old pullet! I think mines tail feathers seem to bend down a little bit too, but I think its just a couple are bent lol. I also thien there would be a lot more red comb and wattles by that age!
It's good to hear mine looks like yours Alex, I watched her for an hour before work today (I know sad right? Lol) and I too noticed only a couple of feathers in the tail bend down, the rest are perky. Her comb and wattles are pale pink, not red at all.
Ahaha, I think we can all spend a realllly long time watching our chicks! And to be pink at that age I definitely think girl! Yeah, I've thoroughly examined my Yoshi's tail feathers and I think she's just not much of a 'lady' and sits on them funny or something so a couple are bent! She also is the only one who gets poo on her too somehow AND then loves to come and sit in my lap! Funny girl!
I also think she will grow into a lovely hen one day! Still looking like my LS Yoshi! She has grown sooo much too! A fair bit bigger than my other girls the same age and she’s my favourite lap sitter and now when she stands up in my lap we’re almost face to face! I’m glad she’s not pecky lol!

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