Need help with SULMET

What are your plans fro these chickens? Sulmet has a very very long residue time so if these birds are to be meat chickens or egg layers for human consumption you should not use that at all. It's a sulfonimide and any human that is allergic to that group of drugs will have serious reactions to eggs or meat from these chickens. Sulmet is not commonly used anymore for that reason. In pigs the residue time is shorter.

The answer as to how to use it depends on the strength you have gotten. You will need to recalculate the dilution.

If I were you I get some amprolium, or use powdered milk until you can find some. Feed the powdered milk half and half with their chick starter. If you got to the problem early powdered millk for a few days might be all you need.
I took Hattie to the vet and they are going to check her poop to see what is wrong and treat her accordingly. I have to call them back at 4pm to get the diagnosis and pick her up. This Avian vet is wonderful. She doesnt get many chickens in. She gave me loads of helpful information about feed, scratch, etc.....

I appreciate everyone answering my post, and I will let ya'll know the outcome.

Well the vet called and yes she does have Cocci as well as worms so she is going to treat her right away as well as worm her. She is going to stay overnight and I am to pick her up tomarrow afternoon. I had to weigh all my other chickens as she will be giving me meds for them also. My bill prior to diagnosis was at $142.00. She is going to call later with the total I will owe.

Question-Is this Cocci curable or just treatable. I will ask the vet when she calls later just wonder if anyone has been through this Cocci mess.

The cocci are curable for sure. The same as worms they can be gotten rid of. However they may have done some damge to her and it remains to be seen how well that heals. She may be a hen that you have issues keeping weight on, or is a poor layer, poor looking feathers, such stuff.
I had a group of about 15 leghorns come down with cocci at about 7 weeks old because I didn't introduce them slowly to the soil and kept them in the brooder too long... in combination with a short dry week and a heavy rain the day I put them out.

Birds got droopy on day 1, fisrt sign of bloody poo on day 2/3 I medicated with Sulmet. 3 days a later they all improved and they are all still excellent layers.

So it's not an end all. Just a paracite basically.

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