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  1. I just recently found you guys and I am in need of some help / guidance. I live in Fort Gratiot Township, MI. Saint Clair County. I have 11 hens and have had them for about a year and own one acre. We just got a nice little letter from the township stating that we have 10 days to get rid of our chickens. According to Code of Ordinances Chapter 38 Sec 38-172 Permitted uses in residential areas such as ours states that basically we can farm as long as we have 5 acres which we do not. I have read over the MI Right to farm Act and my understanding is that it protects us as long as we follow the GAAMP which states for site selection that: If zoned residential new livestock production facilities shall not be constructed within 1,500 feet of areas zoned for residential use where agriculture uses are excluded.

    I feel like I am chasing my tail on this one and am begining to loose hope that I will get to keep them.Is there any way around this or a way to fight this or am I in the wrong and need to get rid of my girls. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am in a bit of a time crunch.

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    I believe there are court rulings that state that there is no minimum amount of land needed per your rights via MRTFA. You might want to post on that thread.
  3. I will do that. Thanks

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