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    Mar 14, 2008
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    My wife and I were browsing some links from this site and found MANY vitamines & preventitive additives for our gals. Can anyone suggest a basic list of meds / vitamines / suppliments for our flock? They have not been given anything since the antibiotic chick mash they grew up on.

    Thanks and HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

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    We've never given our chickens any vitamins or additives other than the medicated feed when they were young, so I can't help you there.

    Bumping this up and maybe someone else can help.
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    are you requesting a list to keep on hand like a first aid kit type thing? You really don't want to give them "preventative meds" that will just run down their immune system. Vitamins/Electrolytes should only be given in times of stress or extreme heat. If you feel they need a little extra boost, there is a good source of just vitamins called AviaCharge..good stuff. Medicating chickens can get a bit complicated at times as you have to distinguish whether you have viral, bacterial or fungal issues.
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    The only vitamins/electrolytes we give our chickens is made by Durvet. It is a powder that goes in their water.

    We give it to our show birds prior to a show, to help reduce stress. We also give it to the chickens who are sick and are on antibiotics. Since we live in Tucson, it gets hot, so I will give it to them for the heat, also.

    The dosage is 1/4 tsp/gal of water. You give it to them for 5 days, off for 5 days, on again for 5 days, then off for 3 weeks. I got this information from the manufacturer after I bought it, because there was only dosage for swine and cattle.

    As for meds to have on hand, I have a broad spectrum antibiotic, Terramycin powder, 1/2 tsp/gal of water. I also have an injectible Tylan 50, .25cc for bantams, .5 cc for standards, for respiratory infections.
    I also have VetRx on hand for stuffy nares. I also put on combs, wattles and legs, before a show. Showman/Breeders use it to help prevent illness in their birds, when exposed to several birds. They give a couple drops in the beak a couple of days before a show.

    Hope this helps!

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