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    How do you ship eggs on here just get the peoples adress and then bring them to the ups store in a egg carton or what? Also how do you pay for the eggs on here from just random people?
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    Shipping eggs is an art and most everyone has a different technique.

    I would wrap each egg in bubble wrap, put styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of a box. Place the eggs in the box, add more styrofoam peanuts. I find that the tighter you pack the box, the less the damage. I have also used newspaper, or shredded newspaper instead of styrofoam peanuts.

    You can get the shipping boxes from the Post Office, free of charge. Most everyone ships through the Post Office.

    As far as could set up a PayPal account at or you can accept payment through the mail.

    Good Luck,
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    If I had a UPS store in my area, I would so do that!! You should put some wood shavings, pillow stuffing, napkins/paper towels, or something inside that carton to keep the eggs still so they don't bump each other or bounce around inside the carton. Most breaks are either from hitting each other, or being too close to the side of the box, and being hit from the outside. The UPS store has all the boxes and fillers you would need there, of course they would charge you to pack it.

    Otherwise, you can do it the way that adkins90 said. I believe that the prices to ship would be about the same for UPS or USPS. You can also go online to and order boxes to be shipped right to your house. The boxes and shipping of the boxes are free, if you use them for shipping through USPS. There is also tape and priority labels that you can order.

    I have had most of my eggs shipped to me by USPS, and one by UPS. None of the UPS eggs are developing, they are all sloshy. I have ducks, quail and chicks from the USPS eggs.

    I just have the buyer send a money order, since I always have eggs, they never get old. Whatever is not used for hatching are used for eating, so it is no big loss. When I finally get my bantam flock underway, I'll have to figure out how to accept payment through paypal.

    Hope this helps!!

    Also, if you use USPS, it is usually cheaper to ship priority non-flat-rate, depending on where you are shipping to.

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    You can pay by Paypal or by Money Order. The latter can only be done on pre orders or if the seller agrees. A lot of times if the seller has a specified date to send the eggs they would rather have Paypal. Most of the time, though, they will put you on a list to send eggs out after they receive Money Order if this is your only means of payment.

    I learned to pack eggs by buying from several different experienced sellers. Pick a good seller that has the breed you want and make sure that some have bought from and had good results from this person. When you get your eggs, notice how they are wrapped.

    I did this and have since added my own techniques in and I have successfully sent out more than 500 dozen eggs via USPS. I have had about 6 or 8 shipments with broken eggs. So I would say I have done fairly well. Go to and you can get free boxes if you ship Priority. Only ship Priority or Express. No Parcel Post as you don't want them to take the long way.[​IMG]

    Hope this helps.[​IMG]

    Danny D

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