Need help


Mar 6, 2018
My chicken's crop is swollen, soft, and she is sleeping almost the entire day, this has being happening for about 1 and a half days now. Just wondering if any one can help, if you can thank you very much.
She sounds like she is having a slow or sour crop. Feel of it in early morning to see if it has gone down.

I have a bird who had the same symptoms a couple of weeks ago. I watched her for a few days, but she got worse, starting to get a sour odor, then later a foul rotten odor from her crop. That became full blown sour crop, and then I vomited her daily for several days, massaging her crop several times a day. I then gave her by tube feeding, water plus Poultry NutriDrench, a tsp of plain yogurt, and Nystatin drops, an antifungal drug. She is still around, after I stopped treating, but still having a puffy slow crop. The odor is still sour, but not rotten.

Google sour and impacted crop, and look at several articles by Two Crows, TheChickenChick, and many others for ways to treat.

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