Need help!


5 Years
Mar 16, 2018
Fernandina Beach FL
I have 6-7 week old Buff Orpingtons. It’s 59 degrees tonight and my girls were in their coop all day. I cooped them up tonight in the enclosed portion of their coop. Do I need to rig their lamp with them? Also do I move their food and water in? I closed all windows and doors to keep them in so they don’t come out.
This is the first night I am attempting to keep them in their coop all day and night. We are in north florida and have a large 84” coop with a run and enclosed hen house.
I'm just on my first set of chicks as well and it's pretty cold up in MN right now (low of 13F overnight, 20F at 10am) - so I did close food and water in the coop with them and am leaving them closed in until about noon when it'll be more like 25F. They enjoyed being out in the run in the mid 20s yesterday.

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