Feb 24, 2019
Hill City, Kansas
Baby chick born this morning with head upside down. Poor thing can’t get up on its feet. Is there anything I can do or does it need to be put down?


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Oct 21, 2020
Seems to be wry neck, according to that thread, but I'm not sure.
maybe poly-vi-sol drops might help?

Isaac 0

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Jul 19, 2016
Pictures of the chick? Or a video, to post a video, upload it to a video platform like Youtube or crime, and copy/paste the link here.

Hard to tell what it might be, but a few likely culprits could be due to a nutritional deficiency in either thiamine (B1), or vitamin E, passed on genetically. Sometimes chicks get malpositioned in the egg which can cause their neck to "form" in such away. I would check the chicks navel area, as some chicks, especially ones that hatch prematurely, can get a yolk sac infection, which can result in head twisting, neurological problems, etc.

Regardless of the problem, I would get some poultry vitamins such as Poultry Nutri-Dench, and try, carefully, dripping a drop along her beak, giving her time to get everything down during each interval. Chicks often don't have the whole, 'how-to-drink) thing down very well, so be careful when giving her fluids.

Offering her mashed scrambled eggs, or soupy chick feed may be good, although since she just hatched this morning, she likely won't eat much today. Keep her warm, and in a few day/s, when she starts eating/drinking on her own often, make sure she's getting enough feed/water inside her by offering it to her.

If she can't even stand, or let alone move, consider making a "chicken sling" for her.

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