Need help

Put the halter on it and start leading it. It will throw a fit at first but it will get over it. I never used a halter very much on my goats. We just used a collar. Same thing. By the way, you can also tie the goat up short with the halter or collar while you are standing there. Once it calms down a bit you can groom it and offer some treats. That way it learns the halter and being tied is not a bad thing.
@Chickenduck lover - I highly recommend BYC's sister site for all things goat!

We had a little goat sometime back and I halter trained her. I made her a rope halter and we used positive training - rewards for doing the correct behavior and making a few steps in the direction we gently tugged the lead. She learned that the slight pressure let up if she went the correct way as well. It was a struggle early on, but she became SO good that she walked on a collar and leash better than half the dogs I've met.

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