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May 11, 2012
So I have had chinckens for more than a year now, and have had the pleasure of raising several small chicks. Therefore I know how crucial it is for them to have proper care for a healthy developement. However, my dad has this "great" Idea to buy half a dozen chicks and bring them on a campout for the little kids to play with. Normally this would be fine because I love letting young kids enjoy the small guys, but my dad insists that the chicks will be fine when left alone, overnight, in the woods, near a river, without heat, and no cage! I begged him to let me pack a small wire cage and heat lamp but he said no! Please if any one has advice as to what I should do to convince him other wise, or how to make a propper safe enclosure, I would much appreciate it!

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Apr 17, 2012
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ya dont sound like your dad rally is thinking very much how will the kids feel waking up to a bunch of dead chicks ya that will go good on there child emtional development and lets not for get about the poor baby chicks.

if it was my father and my kids i would tell him my kids would not be allowed to go on trip with him and also talk to the other childrens parents and all stand togeather. even if the death of the chicks dont bother teh children then its also teaching them death of a smaller being is no big deal and wonder why the world is going to hell
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If the thought of a bunch of children hysterical over dead chicks doesn't sway him, remind him that he's basically putting bait out for wild animals to come to your camp and who knows what will happen to the kids then!!

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