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    Nov 21, 2009
    I purchased 5 chickens about a month ago, these chickens were free range,I live in town so now they are in a pen,the pen is 25 ft. by 35 ft. The coop is 10 ft. by 14 ft. I have owned chickens before,I'm no expert but know a little bit. The problem is that I've only received 4 eggs so far.They hardly come out of the coop, and seem to scared and jumpy.Is there any thing I can do or do I need to just give them time to settle in. The chickens are about a year and a half old. Any advice I can get would be great.Thank You
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    Spent time with them. Sit and talk to them so they get used to you and offer them treats. Make sure they get some fresh greens like edible weeds and spinach, cabbage etc. Things they used to have access to when they were free ranging. I've recently relocated my chickens from a huge pasture to a much smaller run and they are still laying well. I give them lots of fresh greens like alfalfa and weeds, so they diet is similar to what it was.
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    At a year and a half they are the right age for molt. Have they lost feathers or did they look a little tattered when you got them?

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