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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by WonderApple, Dec 15, 2014.

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    Dec 15, 2014
    Weve just had 5 more chickens moved into our residence, over the past few days 4 of the chickens have been pecking 1 of the small chickens. The whole was about 5 by 5 cm you could see the bone and the blood oozing out, We have given her a solitary home away from the other 4, The blood has dried up and she is acting more agile than before, The wound is close to her bottom but she has laid an egg already 3 days ago. But since the feathers around the wound have been pluck, you can see the bear skin. Some of the skin is turning green. Please help me. Also how much food should i feed them. We have 1 chicken and 2 ducks in one pen. 4 chickens in 1 pen and 1 chicken in another. We are constantly feeding them 3 times a day, but the 4 chickens look like they are starving, My 2 ducks wont eat the food i give them, the chicken feed i give them consists of the regular chicken feed with seeds.
    Please Help!!
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    I think the smaller chicken with wounds needs to be separated from the rest, perhaps with some temporary fence. I hope some of our duck people with chickens can help out here. You could also post in the Emergencies Forum, there are many chicken keepers there.

    If the skin is turning green, it is dying - necrotic - and needs to be carefully removed. You may be able to soak the wound in a clean rag soaked in a solution of Epsom salt and water. That may soften the dead tissue so it will slough off.

    Many people give their ducks and chickens food free choice - they keep a bowl of food in front of them all the time and refill it right away when it is empty. This is really important for young ducks, and they need water with their food all the time.

    Do they seem starving, like they are too small? They may have worms - parasites - and need to be dewormed. But first make sure they are getting enough food.

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