need ideas for fabric siding - see picture!


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Jul 19, 2008
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Someone just gave me this small coop.


I would like to use some type of fabric or tarp to enclose the sides - figured I could make a panel to fit each side & put gromets in the corners & sides & use some kind of spring-loaded hook to hook it to the hardware cloth & hold it tight. Then I could fold down the top in the summer or remove entirely for more ventilation.

Any suggestions for what type of material to use & where I could find it -- home depot, sporting goods store, etc. Also - does anyone know where to get a gromet maker?

Any particular fabrics that are durable & insulating?
I *think* i got my gromet maker at ACE hardware. I got the fabric (i made outdoor curtains) at Hobby Lobby. Where their upholstery thick fabric is. I believe home depot or lowes will have the gromet kit, if you don't have an ACE. and if you don't have a hobby you have a JoAnn's Fabric? Failing that, do you have a aversion to giving a try with burlap cloth or heavy canvas or even oilcloth?
Consider shadecloth. Doubled if necessary. It is not waterproof but that is sort of an advantage -- if used as a top for the run, water will not pool on it and cause the whole thing to collapse, which will tend to happen if you use a tarp atop the run. And shadecloth is great for sides.

Good luck, have fun,

At Lowes, look in the roofing material. There is a corrigated material that is almost plastic like. I am not talking about the corrigated material that is polycorbonate. These are small sheets that are 4' X 6', and I bet you could cut it with a sharp utility knife. It would be simple to attach and I know it would last longer than a cloth type material. By the way, you can find a grommet kit in the camping section at Wal Mart too.
I'd personally use a vinyl/leather's last forever and you can just wipe it clean. You can get it at any fabric store...or you can always watch for an old fake leather sofa and take it off that:>)
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There is a cloth product called Herculite(sp?). It's the stuff they make commercial cloth over frame awnings out of, maybe some kinds of billboards as well. It's UV stabilized, mildew rot resistant and tough as nails. It's also not cheap. I'd look in the phone book under awnings or maybe sign makers. Someone might have some left over from a job they would sell you cheap provided you don't care about color. Tell them what you are doing, and you might pique their interest. Professionals RF weld the stuff, but you can use PVC cement to glue it together (sewing makes lots of little leaks). It takes grommets well. Good luck


ETA: Ace Hardware sells grommet sets (name of the tool) and the grommets to go with them. Harbor Freight may sell grommet sets as well, but they definitely sell cheap hole punches (the kind you strike with a hammer). The HF punches will be a pain in the fundament if you are doing lots of holes, but just a few will be fine. They really need to be sharpened if you are going to use them more. I used a drill press and file on the smaller sizes (half inch was the biggest that I could chuck into the press) and a metal lathe and file for the bigger ones, but you could just do it by hand with a file. It would just take longer, and the end might not be perfectly flat. The reason I went to the trouble of buying the cheap ones and then sharpening them is because good punches can cost up to $50+ a size. I want to say the cheap set of punches was $10 or less, but it's been a few years.
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