Need immediate help for head tucking

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  1. Nashonii

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    I NEED a chicken person in my circle! I have an immediate question. Don't have time to look through the site for a possible solution. I found one of my Silkies trying to tuck her head under her right wing and looking disoriented yesterday. She would even do a front roll. She and three other females spend everyday tucked in the back of their DARK, area being broody. So I'm thinking its a lack of vitimens and activity. My farm and tracter supply people don't know of chicken vitamens, (only chick vitamen suppliments). I need to get out early today and buy something for her, then clean her coop and move those broody girls to an area with more sunlight. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO GIVE HER? WHATS WRONG WITH HER? Please help us!
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    I would try vitamins and probiotics. You can use PolyViSol, don't know if that name is exactly right. It's baby vitamins, get the ones without iron. They didn't carry it , so I got a bird vitamin supplement. Chick vitamin supplements should work fine.

    Since I don't actually know what is going on, I am just trying to share what little info I do have.

    Best wishes!
  3. Nashonii

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    Thank you EggSited, got this just before I had to leave before it gets hot. I will look that med up at the store, or get chick vitamens. So hope I can save my few pure Silkies. Your wonderful.

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