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Aug 12, 2016
What can I do to optimize this chicks chance of survival? I found him like this this morning and he was fine when I checked on them at 6:00 last night. He is acting fine and alert and was still hard to catch because of his quickness but he looks awful. The other babies did this. I separated him immediately. What should I do? He's eating and drinking normally. I will post pics in the coments.

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Poor little guy, he's been scalped.

Gently flush the wound - saline, diluted betadine or soap/water. Apply some triple antibiotic ointment (neosporin) or Vetericyn.

Separating was a good idea. Since he is eating/drinking that is good. If you have them add some poultry vitamins to his water to help give him a boost.
Infection is the biggest concern. I would clean him up and put a topical on it. I usually use blu kote, but I find even with that the others will go back to pecking. If you have neosporin you could try that. Many people say only use the kind without pain relief but I nor many others find no scientific or anecdotal reason to avoid it.
I don't have any saline or betadine so I cleaned it with soapy water and put Neosporin on this morning and I put poultry drench in his water. When I got home his head looked a lot less red in most spots. The neosporin I have doesn't have any pain reliever in it :( Can I put aloe straight from the leaf on him to give him some relief?
It does look a little better:)

I would put the neosporin on for another day or two to help fight any infection. Once he starts scabbing over, then I don't see any harm in using Aloe to help keep the wound moist.
Does he have a friend his size or smaller who DIDN'T peck him? It might help him to have a friend while he is healing up. He sure needs to stay separated for now. Poor little guy!
You are doing great with him BTW! :bowHow old what breed? How many other chickens and are they older than him? It will help so folks can advise about separation going forward...
There are a total of 4 chicks. Out the the 4, he is the largest (go figure). I'm not sure what breed they are besides a bantam breed or half bantam. I think they are 2-3 weeks old. I got them from a garden center on an Amish farm and I was talking to the lady about her chickens (all free range and no coop) and she told me that one of the mothers had abandoned her 8 chicks and they were now down to 4. She said I could have them if I helped her catch them. He was the one we almost didn't catch.

I didn't actually see anyone of them pecking him but there is one chick that is seemingly docile and significantly smaller than the rest so I can try to put them together in a few days. Right now he is in a separate plastic tote right next to the others.

I just put them together in this pic to show the size difference

And here are the other 2
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