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    I will be attempting my first hatch in a few days and am confused about the temperature and humidity levels. I have seen on the internet various temps and humidity level indications and am not sure what is correct. Can anyone help? I don't know if the breed makes a difference but I am hatching 6 Chanteclerc eggs. Also, does it matter if I set a few more different eggs in the same incubator but a few days apart? I would obviously differenciate them to know which are which.

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    I started with one incubator and now have two. I had planned on using one as a incubator and one as a hatcher.
    I now use one as an incubator that has an occasional hatch in it if I forget to check dates. The "hatcher" is used as a hatcher and as an incubator for quail eggs.

    I read the temperature from the top of the eggs. I then control the temperature by watching an indoor/outdoor thermostat that I can read here by the computer desk. There will be a big difference in temperature from the top of the eggs to the bottom of the bator. What you will want will depend on if yours is a still air or has a fan.

    I find my hatch rates are better if the incubator is closer to full then empty. I did take advice from here and added a baggy of water for filler when the one incubator was almost empty.

    I now do a lot less tweaking of the bators then at first. Now that the house is closed I do find I need to add water to keep the humidity close.

    Hatching is fun and very addictive!

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