Need Incubator Design and Blueprint


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Hi, I need a very good design for an incubator to give to my carpenter to build for me. A picture of the steps and materials needed would be preferred. Here price is not an issue so please whatever you have put up. I need something very professional, commercial designs if possible. Thanks
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well does anyone know how an incubator should be built? can i make drawers? what do i need to build one?
go to the learning center at top of page; from there go to how tos, select how to build an incubator, scroll down to the bottom of page, there is a plywood cabinet there..there is also a very nice cherry cabinet and one made from a discarded kitchen cabinet..hope this helps..
thanks ill check those out, but does anyone have the blueprint for a sportsman GQF or a Dickey incubator? I need to know the length, height, width, tray size, tray spacing, materials, etc... all that i need to know to build one myself.
yes im out of the country lol, btw is the sportsman a forced air or still air incubator
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