NEED INCUBATOR pretty please.....


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Jun 10, 2010
Baldwin County, AL
Anyone have an incubator they would be willing to part with, pretty please? If not, what is the absolute cheapest 7 egg plus incubator you can recommend that I buy? Thank you!!!!
I think there is a $15.00 6 egg incubator on the website . There is also the little giant incubator you can buy at TSC for about $40.00 that can hold at least a dozen.
hope this helps
Thank you. My husband mentioned TSC had one...maybe I will have him grab it. It's hard to get to the store with kids so wasn't sure if it was any good:) Thanks for replying!!!!
I bought mine for $45.00 at the feed store it works great as long as it's not a staggered hatch lol it's a hovabater it hold 42 with the egg cartons I use and I can't remember how many without it lol but I made one that was just as good out of a light bulb and 2 plastic totes if you wanna try that let me know I can tell you how I did it I got 90 + % hatches with it used it for a summer till my stepson decided to fall on it and squish it lol

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