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    Sep 17, 2007
    Hello, I am new to the wonderful world of chickens [​IMG], and need some info. I aquired the hens and one rooster I have ( I was told that two hens are silver wyandotes, two are light brahmas,one is a little black number that i am unsure of lol, and three are rhode island reds pluse Big Red as we like to call him) from some careless jerk who moved away and left them in thier cages behind his house, ( and i do mean CAGES, like 1ft squared [​IMG] ). I have never taken care of chickens before, and wouldnt have considered it except i found out that these little buggers have per-son-a-li-ty! [​IMG] I currently have them housed (for the past two days) in the section of my cattle barn that I use for cattle feed, I removed it all, and it is approximately 12ft longx8 ft widex 15 feet high. The floor in it is dirt, I put down straw to keep their little birdy feet warm, and am planning on adding nesting boxes tomorrow. What I really need to know was what type of wire to use for the run. I had heard that chicken wire that is sold at farm supply places doesnt keep out predators, and if so, what is good? I want them to have alot of room to run around and do what chickens do, but at the same time i need to keep them safe. We have coyotes here, and althought i love to hear them, i dont want them eating my birds. I would appreciate any info, thanks so much!
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    Hello & Welcome!

    Some people prefer to use welded wire, others prefer hardware cloth.

    We like 1/2 inch hardware cloth as the holes are too small for any predators to reach through.

    Someone else will surely be along to share their ideas with you! [​IMG]

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Are you making them a little doggy door to go out side by them selves?
    If so you can just shut the door every night and nothing will get them.
    Wire is expensive, but if you have them protected at night you can
    expand your options on the run Wire. 1X2 is Strong enough to keep dogs & cats out.

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