need info on why chicks are born sticky...


10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
Missouri City, TX
i have seven eggs that are to hatch today five have pipped and are coming out one is already walking around
but they are coming out sticky and show no signs of drying and puffing up
the ones in the eggs the membrane around them is hardening and making it tough for them to come out..
my humidity is at 75% and a temp of 99.3 these conditions are good and right on with what
others say i what can be the cause for this? am i missing something?
all the help i can get is greatly appreciated
Usually I stay between 65-70% humidity. Im sure you are fine and they humidity wouldnt cause that. Your humidity is good. I think your problem is air circulation. The less fresh dry air coming in the faster they will dry. Also I find in the forced air bators they dry faster. More air circulation the better.
i have a fan running inside the bator..and i have unplugged the ventilation holes at the top so fresh air is constanly coming it..
should i close those up and leave the fan to do its job or turn it off also?
I would keep the fan on with the plugs unplugged. What type of bator do you have? Is it homeade? If I am not mistaken, sometimes that maybe genetic....idk Someone else may have more experience. MAybe just give it time to dry? Good luck though!
my incunator is a little giant incubator a 110v model..
ok ill will give them the night there are now to out of the eggs
just worried about the other three in the eggs i wouldnt want them
to get stuck or dry out inside..and die.. but thank you very much
i will give time
I would think that being "sticky" and moist would help them hatch. I wouldnt be worried about them drying up. Your eggs are fine. I wouldnt worry much if I were you!
The high humidity in the incubator which increases as hatching occurs...causes them to dry slowly. Plus they are 'wet' with a substance more like hair gel than just wet like with water. Nothing to worry about. You know when it is very humid and you stack your clean dishes in a drainer? Very humid days it takes them forever to dry. Same thing, slow evaporation.
aa wow didnt know that..yes that gel like substance is what had me worried
because when the first two came out they had that on them
but the three still trying to come out have some around the edge of the egg shell and
its hardening into a crusty like way and is sticking the membrane to them and just like
shirk wrapping them..and it worried me because the only thing ive hatched before were button quail
and nothing like this happened..

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