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    Apr 26, 2010
    I was just on line reading some of others problems and questions. Read one that says we need to de-worm our chickens? We have three - 2 buff polish and 1 NH red. The man at the hardware store said we need the dusting powder and I put it on them just there backs, he said just sprinkle it on and it will go in - is this correct? And when I clean the coop and run I sprinkle some then, about 3-4 times a week. Gosh I feel silly getting these beautiful animals and not knowing how to care for them.

    Please we are new at this - what do I buy to de-worm a chicken? We are just getting through the problems of clipping ones wings (she can fly). These chickens are my daughters pets and you would not believe how much she loves these guys and holds them for hours daily. they climb in her lap and take naps, one even puts her head on her shoulder and sleeps. Crazyest thing I have ever seen. Some question
    1. What is molting? and why just before winter? how often with they do this?
    2. how do you de-worm?
    3. how do we get rid of all the FLYs - I clean this thing every other day and i mean clean
    4. mites how often do I put the powder on them and in the coop.
    5. What other things are important for bugs and health do they need, other then good food and water, they have all the love they could ever want (some times tooooo much) 9 year old girl thinks they are her babies.
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    There is info on worming in the "sticky" at the top of the following section: (click on the helpful references and links thread)

    Do a search on this message board. They go through mini-molts and then another molt at 18 months or thereabouts, and I don't know about after that. I did have chickens before my younger ones (which I have now), but I didn't pay much attention to feathers.

    There are lots of threads on flies (I think someone tried vanilla air freshener) and mites (there are powders and sprays and pour-ons)- do a search. There are differing opinions on here about whether to go natural, or use lots of chemicals. It all depends on what you want. Also prevention such as diatomaceous earth (DE).

    Can you list anything specific if you can't find it and I will try to answer more? I just wanted to point you in the right direction. A lot must be read about- too much to post it all and also, different opinions from everyone.

    I have learned a lot just by reading old threads (and the current ones). Click on "recent posts" to see what everyone's talking about now.
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    Why are you worming them? Are they sick?

    Are you sprinkling them with poultry dust 3-4 times a week? What are you using? DE? Or a chemical?
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