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    Mar 29, 2008
    I am still messing with a chick thought to have this, however she is doing normal but still is have nasal discharge, smells horrible from her head (assuming the nasal discharge), the odor is better on some days. Her eyes are clear, with no discharge, she still scratches her head, above her eye sockets are still blue but not nearly as bad, and now she is banging her beak on the ground which she didn't do before, she is eating and drinking like she should.

    So my question is, obviously I am not treating her enough.

    I have given her .2cc of Tylan 50 subq for 3 days, off 2 days then 3 days again. But the odor stayed and the nasal discharge stayed.

    So I started giving her 4 teaspoons of Terramycin in her water (per gallon), but stopped that and just decided to sprinkle some on her food.

    She is feisty, she has free roam in my bathroom, she flies up to be with you when you sit on the, if she can't get up to sit with you she pitches a fit until you pick her up.

    So obviously she is doing well, but I cannot get it cleared up, I don't want to cull her, she is a pet, but honestly I am getting sick of this.

    I got her the Saturday after Easter and have been dealing with this probably about a week after I got her.

    She is a Frizzled Cochin, at last weight weighed 4 ounces, she is gaining weight though, but haven't weighed her yet.

    Please let me know what else I need to do to get rid of this.

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