need input (for my education) please


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7 Years
Apr 20, 2012
Hi Everyone, I am a newby to Marans, having fallen in love with the eggs at a show last year. I hatched out a dozen eggs that I got on ebay (said to be from Wade Jean and Cottage Hill lines) this winter. They are almost 4 months old (15 weeks). I have some questions. I have two different color eyes out there, lighter and very dark. I am posting photos. The light eyes are not nearly as light as they look in the photos, they are not yellow,but more of a red/green. I also have two pullets I think have way too much copper down their necks, Also posting a cockerel photo for your input into where he stands in wing color. I know they are young, and are changing fast. I just want to know what your thoughts are. Thank you so much for looking!

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