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    I just brought home 10 RIR and 2 Delaware chicks, and 8 Indian Runner ducks. Two RIR chicks have some sort of leg issue. I don't think that it could be spraddle because they are too old. It might be a slipped ligament or a dislocation. Check out the pics of the one and let me know. We couldn't get a picture of the other because she was squatting down too much.



    Thanks - Bill


    Chondrodystrophy, Slipped Tendon or Perosis

    Caused by deficiency of manganese, choline, zinc, either singly or in combination (although deficiencies of pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, niacin may also be involved).

    This condition is seen in chickens, ducks and turkeys. In turkeys it may be an inherited deficiency of galactosamine.

    * Short legs.
    * Lameness.
    * Distortion of hock.
    * Slipping of Achilles tendon (or perosis).
    * Malposition of leg distal to hock.
    * In embryos parrot beak, shortened bones.

    Post-mortem lesions

    * Shortening and thickening of long bones.
    * Tibia and metatarsus bowed.
    * Shallow trochlea.
    * Lateral slipping of tendon.


    Lesions, analysis of feed.

    Differentiate from twisted leg, infectious synovitis, rickets, infectious arthritis, ruptured ligaments.

    For flock proceed as for prevention, no value to affected bird.

    Addition of manganese, choline, vitamins, correct mineral balance.

    From what I understand there is no treatment, however someone here might have some ideas as they are some very wise people here. Seems to be a nutritional deficiency
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    That's really terrible! I don't know how anyone could ever let a bird get that bad! Poor things. Looks like slipped tendon and there's no fix for that. You could try to splint their legs, but they're so bad you might hurt them. And at their age it's hard to fix any kind of deformity. Jeez. I'd recommend amputating them and making them peg legs. I think they'd be better off that way!
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    I have one that started this 5 days ago. I tired my hardest the day it started to get her leg straight so I could splint it, but nothing doing. She is getting around and eatting and drinking. I don't know that it is deficiency as she is eatting the exact same food that all the others chicks are eatting and only she is having this problem.

    I wonder if she will make it to adult hood or should I put her down now. I would never want to breed her.

    What do others think?
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    Thanks all for providing me with your input. Wife and I have decided to see what happens. Both birds are getting around, eating and drinking plenty.

    Both birds don't seem to be getting bullied or lacking in anyway other than the speed at which they can move.

    Thanks again.

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