Need large coop pics or multiple flock coop ideas need new ideas!!!!!

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    ok I have 50 something birds all different ages several breeds mostly pure...all standard. right now I have a converted stall on the side of our barn (allowed electricity access) It is enclosed on all sides excluding a doorway which is open. Natural roosts hay bedding homade bin style and milk crate nests. \\
    Surrounding this and also going behind the barn I have a really not well put up fence made of horse no climb wire about 4 1/2 ft tall. Their penned area is roughly 65x75 of fenced in area. They fly over when not clipped they slip under till I find the hole. I have a few no matter what I do they still get out and over.
    I have one fully enclosed pen area with a 8x8 covered shelter area for teenage chicks, new birds just whatever.
    I need a new coop, somehow split into two sections for two flocks. Somehow having a fence or run if you will outside for both areas. My barn stays wet inside not really useable for much but storage. BUT it has electricity but no big door in the front it is open like a big shop size entrance. Thought about buying bags of concrete and just having at putting a floor in it...barn is really big but then what if we were able to get a tractor someday then well there goes my coop.
    ok so I have a pastured area the birds free range everywhere right now it has field fence and chicken wire along the bottom but noooo my escape artists go where they please over and under and through it.
    I need to be able to contain them when I want to. Free ranging is great but not when they eat all my tomatos and berries and plums and zucchini ugghhhh!!! So I don't know how big or how to make big and split it and what to use to keep them in without killing my pocketbook. I must recycle and use what I have which isn't much. Don't mind buying some but can't afford fancy. Have enough left over from house roof to cover a real good sized coop top. If I move away from barn which is really ideal since our land is somewhat moist and slopes (imagine 6 acres on the side of a really large hill) then I lose my electric which I only use for a light. I am just stumped I have looked and looked and I just can't seem to find what I need as for a plan.
    One coop split into two sides maybe two doors two run areas with gates maybe higher fencing.....topping a run here is a waste it just really isn't feasible and would not last at all with all the trees debris etc. I want to let them out to free range but not constantly and I want it to be able to be controlled so they are not killing my flower beds and garden. uggghhhhhh anyone with multiple flocks out there with little budget? help!!!
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    Check out the last coop entered on the Fall Coop Contest (one of the top threads in this section). It's a very large coop divided into two main sections...and divided further within. Good luck!
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    Sounds like your flock outgrew your budget.[​IMG] With 50 you have to be selling some of your eggs. I am at a loss regarding your dilemma because you have already got a large flock and severe budget constraints. For now, seems that you want a really large run that is secure while you are gone, and to control the damage they do while free-ranging. If they had an adequate size run, most of your escapees might well stay put. Likely it is the small size that is inspiring some to become escape artists.

    I did 6 ft welded wire run, set in cement and electrified with 4 courses of hot wire. 2,000 sq ft for 24 chooks. It also has a 2 ft tall course of chicken wire all around the inside to keep my chooks from poking their heads thru . Mine is open to top, so aerial preds could get in, but I have lots of crows living here, so no problems yet from hawks. So far, I have lost none, and can safely go away all day. (We do a nightly coop lockdown too just in case of a power or equipment failure.)

    In your place, I would cut my flock down to 1/2 or less and then build what I needed for them with an eye to expansion.[​IMG]
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    Jul 1, 2008
    east texas
    Yes it sounds like a lot but 26 of the birds are babies !!!!! Well teen age size now lol. During this winter I don't mind so much them being out but my 18 main hens from last year , man they killed my garden and my flowers. I am going to downsize definately but I am letting these teenage chicks grow out a bit and see what I have. And no the cold snap killed the egg production out of the main hens I am only getting about 3 eggs a day now.
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    Jul 1, 2008
    east texas
    ok I am viewing some entered in the contest and wow ....... I have limited carpentry skills and they are awesome but mine will have to be plain lol and a hodge podge of recycled stuff !!!!! some of those on there are fantastic!!

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