Need names, suggestions please?

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  1. chick #1, the blue girl currently known as JimmyNeutron, but she's a pullet:

    chick #2, currently known as LittleKitty, but her white tuxedo shirt has morphed and now she's all black, she's super friendly:


  2. Whats wrong with Jimmy Neutron? LOL. Name her Cindy Vortex instead.
  3. [​IMG] never even knew about CindyVortex, thanks! I think its a good fit!
  4. How about Kit-kat, for Little Kitty?
  5. Name Little Kitty 'Libby Folfax'.(she's cindy's BFF)

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    I like Kit Kat. Also like Elvira, Rhoda or Rosie.
  8. yankeedoodle300

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    # 2 Is A " Roxy " # 1 Is A " Jeepy " ( Jeep-EE )

    Those names Are spontaneous, and came to me when i First Laid eyes on them

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