Need new ideas to do for my broodie.


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Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
So i have a broodie silkie who really wants to be a mama i guess. She has been broodie for over 2 months. I have tried to stick eggs under her twice, but both batches have been infertile. I dont know if its cause the roo is too young (hes 8 months and he only has 6 hens laying atm) or if it was the fact that the wood shavings weren't deep enough to keep the eggs warm enough cause they seem alot warmer today since i added more shavings too the coop and nest boxes (the eggs where siting on the wood of the box cause the shavings where kicked out alot). This is batch 2 and its day 9 but i dont see anything in them. Should i leave them for another week, or take them from her. Also should i try more eggs under her or what?
I doubt the eggs weren't warm enough, unless the silkie really doesn't have a clue.

I would give her the full time on the eggs, checking them each day for weeping or bad smells. If they fail to hatch, I would do my best to break her. Broodiness is hard on their little bodies and you don't want them to go too long.

With my very first broody, I couldn't see a dang thing when I candled. She managed to hatch out two chicks anyways.

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