Need nonstandard human size door ideas


10 Years
Dec 31, 2009
Moira, NY
I need a door aproximately 70 inches in height for the exterior human door of my coop. I believ most standard doors come in at a minimum of 80 inches.

I need something that can seal out teh cold of our northern winters.

Any ideas? Could I cut a door down that much?

some solid core doors will allow for being cut that much or if you are real creative I once had to throw a door together from plywood and 1by materials after a breakin one night in the middle of the night as she lived alone and didnt feel safe and my wife was going to make me stay till morning otherwise ....that "door" was still on the house when she sold it :O
You could frame your own door out of 2x4s, and then put plywood on both side of it... could even stuff it with old grocery bags for insulation if needed... we just built two of our own doors out of 2x4s, let me know if you want or need pics. One is covered with one sheet of T1-11, one is a screen door (we live in FL)
yea i live in fl, and this is one of my doors, you can put plywood on both sides.
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If you want an insulated door, the sandwich a sheet of rigid foam between two plywood sheets with 1X board for framing the door. That should be good, and not too heavy depending on the thickness you use of the plywood. Part of the strategy is to put the door on the side that does not get the prevailing winds or open so that the wind zips right in when you open it, if possible. I live in Minnesota and my chicken were in a 2X4 framed mini coop that only had 1/4"siding for the shell and some strawy bales set around the base. They had a heat light on once it hit zero too, but they made it through the winter just fine. I would even open their little door on days it stayed above zero so they could get out if they wanted, which they usually didn't. The real problem is keep the water from freezing when the heater for their waterer stops working

Good luck, at least you have the summer to get it made before that October snow starts flying.
We live in NJ, but had quite a bit of snow this year. Our door is just made out of plywood, then painted with exterior paint. All of our chickens survived the winter.
Try a recycled building materials or salvage store near you. They typically have all sorts of sizes and most are older solid wood doors that can be cut down to your specific needs. And best of all they are usually very inexpensive. Good Luck!

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