Need pasty butt help!!!


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
My sweet little Australorp girlie had the poops (only one so far thank GOODness!)--not bad at all but i did the cue tip method, dried her off and held/cuddled her a little to make sure she was good to go back in and the other girls and her roo boy are acting fine--not pecking or anything at her about the bum BUT SHE keeps "grooming" back there!!??? I'm SO afraid I did something? Water too warm...water too cool??? WHAT do I do!!! POOR thing! She just acts like she has a BAD scratch and she can't take IT!!!!

Did I do something wrong? Is this normal?
Nah, I'm sure she's fine. She is grooming because you messed up her fluff. Just keep an eye to make sure she doesn't paste back up.
that's kind of what i was thinking but you know...still have new mom syndrome and boy was she diggin at it! LOL...hopefully she'll be just fine...thks so much for the reassurance!!!
You're fine. If she pastes back up again rub a little olive oil on her bum after you have her all cleaned up. It will help with any irritation and make it easier the next time you have to clean her up.
I've seen all 40ish of my girls peck at their own butts after they poop, including the ones that never had pasty butt! Give it two weeks and you'll be much more settled in to what they need from you. Promise!!!
When my chicks got pasty butt, I just took a damp paper towel (Room temperature) and wiped it off. Mine groomed too. She'll be fine.

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