Need pecking help.

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    Introduced 2 new white leghorn hens into my pen of 20 hens--mostly Americana, & 3 Marans, 3 other white leghorns. Introduced them as it got dark last night--put them on the roost. This morning dried blood on the side of the face on one, apparently from last night, and fresh blood on the head and back of neck, from this morning apparently. Got her cleaned up some, and in a cage by herself. but what can I do to reintroduce her when I have the blood gone, so she won't draw extra attention?
    Anyone know of something bitter, or something, that I could put on her head? I don't really see any injury, so I suspect someone just got in a lucky peck on the base of the comb, which bled badly. So no terrible injury to heal, or anything. Any suggestions to help keep her from getting pecked till pecking order is established?
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    No need to worry if it is just a little blood. Keeping them where they can see each other but not get to each other is a good way of introduction. As far as preventing the pecking, Gracefulbantams has told me that putting vicks on the areas prone to pecking (the skin around the head) seems to make them stop. The birds don't like the taste. Good luck, and keep us updated!
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    A little blood, no worries. This intense pecking and bullying should go on for about a week, and things will start to settle down. May take up to a month to finally reach equilibrium. From seeing many other people's experiences, don't take them out for too long, unless really really injured, as the birds will learn that abusing them makes the "intruders" go away. Seems it prolongs the pain rather than a week or so of good tough love.

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