Need people who bring chickens in the house!

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Dec 16, 2011
I am currently writing a persuasive paper on bringing chickens in the house. With a diaper on. :D If you would be willing let me put your BYC username (or you can remain anonymous) and a short clip saying- so and so successfully brought ___ many chickens in the house, that would be great!!!!!!!!
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If you are talking about chicks, i didn't have a problem. :D
If you are talking about full grown chickens- i don't think that would be a problem because i don't think most people have the LIVE inside. (I may be wrong)
No clue about Chickens but Nettie has kept several Runner Ducks in her house for a long time.
Mine dont live oin the house but i bing them in the house sometimes, for baths or just for hanging out on my lap, they never poop on me
I have a house chicken. Frack comes and goes as she pleases. She has actually housebroken herself. When she wants to go outside, she just goes to the front door and starts cackling or she will peck on the door to get our attention. When she was just about a year old, a rooster tore her up pretty bad, and we let her recuperate in a dog crate in the kitchen. When she started coming out of the crate, I would let her out into the front yard for a while and then she would come and peck on the door to be let back in. She is over 5 years old now, so has been a house chicken for about 4-ish years. She went broody a couple of years back and actually hatched 5 eggs and would march her chicks out of the kitchen, across the living room, and to the front door to be let out (no, they were not housebroken). Frack used to lay her egg every day upstairs in our bed, until she came tunbling down the stairs one time. Now she has her own "bed" in the front room where she lays her eggs and sleeps at night.

We have had other chickens since then that will come in and visit for a while, but none like Frack.
Our chicken, Lucky was injured when she was quite young and had to be separated from the flock. We treated her and kept her in a bin by herself in the house. She was able to go back to "general population" before too long, but decided to continue to come to the porch at dusk and roost - knowing that from there we would bring her back in to her bin each night. She will not poo in her bin. She waits until her feet hit the grass before she does her morning do.
She gets a little tweaky some nights and doesn't seem to want to go to sleep - so we get a towel (just in case) and let her sit on our lap and watch a little TV. Yeah, she's spoiled! Funny, though - during the day when all the chickens are free ranging, we never seem to see Lucky!?
Oh, and we took her camping this summer - in a cat carrier. She was out of the crate during the day - under supervision, of course - and slept in the crate in our tent over night. She even went swimming!

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