need question answered by someone that has CRD experience pls?

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    I posted a pic of my hen with bubbly eyes. The only difference I have found between the pic of my hen and the ones I have found online for CRD is that my hens bubbles are clear and thin, not yellow or yucky in any way. she still is exhibiting no other symtoms and the bubbles show up when she is outside(went to check her last night and she was in the coop, separated, and no bubbles). Fine when she was let out and after being in the rain the bubbles started a little again. No respiratory noises, nothing. anyone have any other possible causes?

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    I'm not sure, I'm gonna bump it for you though.
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    Almost all respiratory illnesses have nearly identical symptoms. Without a culture, you really cannot diagnose based upon these symptoms. About the only one that is different is coryza, which has a strong odor. However pasteurella infections can also have odor (which in my opinion is much worse).

    Preferably take the bird to a vet for diagnosis and antibiotics (preferably the entire flock), or treat them all with a good antibiotic such as tylan or denagard. Denagard and baytril are the best, but baytrl requires a prescription and denagard is not approved in the US for poultry.
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    Jun 1, 2008
    I have contacted the local AG school and am working with them. I will figure it out....

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