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  1. So without going into it all I will have a small banty hen in the next hour or so. We had talked of having chickens for quite awhile and were in the planning stages when this situation occurred. We do not have a coop. we have nothing infact because it was all so unexpected. To make this more crazy my husband had to leave for work and won't be home till tomorrow evening. My question is (and yes I know this sounds crazy!) I have a small/medium sized plastic dog crate. Can I keep her in this for the next 24 hours? She is quite small. I really don't know what else I could safely keep her in until hubby gets home and can put his handy tool man skills to use. If so...what would be suitable for the bottom of it to keep her warm and happy...hay, straw, shredded newspaper? This is an emergency abandonment situation or I would never be in this situation. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!
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    If it's just for a night I think that would be fine:) When my mom rescued a chicken that fell from a Tyson truck, we kept it in a large dog crate so she could heal and feel comfortable. I think we might have used an old towel to give her steady footing since her leg was broken, but they'd probably like hay better:) Good luck, you should post pictures!! I'm sure she'll be adorable![​IMG]
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    I have a not quite right hen in my living room right now in a dog crate, she's not the first [​IMG] I do let them out for a while various times of the day to stretch their legs/wings and explore a bit. You most certainly can use the crate, I put wood shavings on the bottom with a little "bed" of hay in the back.
  4. Thank you Rice! Wow that was a very lucky chicken your Mom found...even with a broken leg!

    I am ridiculously nervous! This was really not the way we were supposed to become "chicken people" lol
  5. Ciqala ... thank you! I know she has had a tramautic day already...her whole flock was captured and taken. She wasn't because she and I quote "isn't big enough to be worth killing" So they left her there. The owners have already moved without a care. She is in an open fenced area and is apparently just huddling in a corner. I figure a dog kennel has to be better than nothing!
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    Oh goodness!! Poor little thing. It sounds like she may appreciate the dog crate for the night. We have used a dog crate for sick ones with hay in the bottom, seems to work OK. People who abandon animals of any kind...well, I don't care for them, and I'll leave it at that! [​IMG] Good luck with her, and pictures would be great!! I love chicken pics!
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    It was really lucky of her! We named her Camilla after the Muppet's main chicken:) She was very sweet and even came in for show and tell to my school (I was in third grade) and patiently sat in my mom's lap as the kids took turns petting her. We gave her to people we knew who had a nice big farm and she "flew" for the first time. It wasn't pretty but she did it![​IMG] She very shortly after was eaten by a fox, but I am glad she was comfortable and happy for the last couple months of her life.
  8. aww :( I am happy that she lived her last bit of time happy instead of where she was heading!!

    So my lil girl is here and in her kennel. My dogs are very interested in what is going on in the bedroom lol here is a pic of her :)
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    Oh my gosh she's ADORABLE!!!!![​IMG] Do you know breed?
  10. Her name was Banty so a bantam of some sort I suppose lol I know she is about a year old and boy is she tame. You can hold her and pet her. I wish I knew more

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