Need recipe for kitchen cleaner solution

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    Does anyone have a recipe for an effective kitchen surface cleaner? I've heard of something that uses white vinegar, lemon juice, & water but don't know the best proportions. I want to get the counters, cupboards, & porcelin surfaces clean without making the kitchen smell like marinade.

    Let me know if you also have a recipe for liquid dish soap. I already mix my own powdered laundry detergent and dishwasher soap.

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    1/2 cup Ammonia (sudsy, clear or extra strength)
    2 cups Rubbing alcohol
    1 teaspoon Dishwashing Liquid

    In a gallon container, put in the ammonia and rubbing alcohol. Fill almost to the top with water. Add 1 t dishwashing liquid and mix. Top off with water. Use like Windex or any other general purpose spray cleaner. From _Consumer Reports_. Rated to work better (and much cheaper!) than most commercial window and kitchen sprays. Alcohol is the secret ingredient, and what commercial window washers use. Safe on _most_ --but not * all * -- household surfaces.
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    I've been using ASW for years.
    Get a spray bottle. Fill 1/10th with Ammonia. Add a squirt of Dawn dishSoap. Fill the rest with Water.

    Works on most things.

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