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  1. Hi: A friend gave me two chickens over a week ago. I have a coop, food, water...everything they need. I kept them in the coop for 3 days as he suggested. And then I let them out. They came back each night... up until two nights ago. Just before sunset I saw a cat chase them into the woods. And they didn't come home. They spent the night in the woods.

    Yesterday, I saw them in the woods again, they would enter the coop during the day when I wasn't around (tomatoes were gone), but by sunset, they were back in the woods.

    Today, I managed to catch one of them in the coop (bungee cord, stick, pulled the string, etc). The other one is still out.

    I need to know: Am I doing more harm than good? I figure, I will let the captured chicken calm down a bit, and then will lock her in the henhouse and open the coop. Hoping to get the other chicken into the coop this way.

    Or am I just going to stress BOTH of them to death? I would rather them be wild chickens than dead chickens. Please give me suggestions on what to do.
  2. It takes a good week for Birds to think of Coop as home......Catch them and confine for a week....Do you have a run?........

    Stress is hard on all Chickens.....Calming things down to a routine will help.....If no Run they will possibly run off......

  3. Yes, there is a henhouse with two roosts, two nesting boxes. And a ramp down from that leads to a "run" that is about 3' by 4'. The run has a roof, and wire fencing as sides.

    I will definitely keep them in for a week, once I get the other one in.

    What I need to know is.... is it OK to have one chicken chicken out? Or am I going to stress them both to death? My plan is to put the one I have into the henhouse, which has a sliding door. And then open up the "run" again, and hope that the other chicken wants to come in to be with her friend. Is that the right way to go??
  4. Lock the one in the hen house....Keep the run open and see if you can lure the other in with a treat /feed.water....?

    Once in, lock both in the hen house for a week....No they will be okay...Stress is already happening....They will calm after a couple of weeks.....

  5. Ok, thanks! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't compounding the problem. The "bird in the hand" (ha ha) is now locked in the henhouse and has actually settled down. The "run" has been reset with the door propped open with a stick/string. Bait is in the run. Now I just need to get the "bird in the bush". Looking forward to this being over with. Thank you for your help.
  6. funny....

    YES.......Best of luck...

  7. Just checking to make sure I am still doing the right thing. The first chicken is in the coop, but I haven't been able to track down her sister, who is still in the woods. I have heard them talking to each other, but haven't seen anything.

    The chicken in the coop is highly agitated. Basically walking in circles, bangs into the sides when I approach, even if I am slow. She will still eat the tomatoes I leave for her.

    My thought is still to try to entice the bird in the woods back to the coop. I've been leaving some snacks out, adjacent to the coop... If I could just get her comfortable being near to it again.....then maybe I will one day be able to get her inside?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. To tame the Chicken, sit quietly.....Talk to it....It can hear the other Bird calling so it is a bit worried.....Trying to lure the other Bird to the run with chicken feed and water might work?......Really not sure, other than netting it if that is even possible?

    Feed the other Bird feed and water also......Not sure if all you have been feeding is tomato?

  9. Hi, thanks. Yes, I have chicken food and water in the coop, and outside of the coop. The tomato is just the "special treat". Ok, I'll keep doing this. Hopefully the other bird will come home soon.
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    Have you tried looking for the loose chicken at night? There was a thread on here awhile back where the poster was trying to catch some chickens that had been dumped in the woods. He was successful by going in at night and catching them. Chickens get all slow and dopey once it's dark, you'll be able to pick her up easily. She's probably pretty close by, since you can hear her talking to the other bird.
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