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    Jul 1, 2007
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    My 11 chickens (7 RIR, 2 black bantam cochins and one yet unknown bantam breed) have never had a roost, except for the rafters of the coop. I'm the one who inherited these guys with the farm I bought. This week they are getting a VERY safe run built, I've installed nesting boxes and they are using them - I've just gradually changed their environment to the suggestions from this website. I can't tell you how much you have all helped me in the past few weeks.

    What do you do from no roosts to roosts? From what I can tell, at least the majority fly (in stages) up to the rafters of the coop to sleep. About 8'. Now I would like to make a roost for them all (bantam and RIR). How high, since they already roost really high, on 2/4's, the 2" being the perch?

    I've heard 2x4's on the wide side down for the winter and keeping feet warm, how many rungs do I need to accommodate all of them, do I need some 2" or 1" dowels, what about the bantams smaller feet, should I make a combination of all the above? Most of all, since they are all used to roosting HIGH (they are all 3 years old) what is a good height for the top roost rail given the fact they are programed to "way up" to sleep?

    Training babies sounds pretty straight forward to me - adopting adults is a little different.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    And again, without this website and its members I'd be a very confused person. I've learned soooo much from you guys. THANKS!

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    youll want 1' of roost per bird.... (but they will still likely scawble over what they perseeve as the ideal spots)

    id shoot for 4-6' off the floor.

    Im useing 2x2 with ive rounded over the edges slightly.
  3. mdbucks

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    Unless your gonna make it so they cant get to the rafters that is where they will continue to roost. I have always heard they want to roost as high as they can get. I have 3 8 foot roost range3-5 feet off ground, and only a couple use them the rest are in the rafters
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    I agree with mdbucks. You can build roosts, but chickens are creatures of habit. I think you are looking at buying a good hat to cover that head of yours since you will still have some parachuting poo from the rafters. [​IMG]

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