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7 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Western PA
As my coop is coming together it's time to make decisions on what kind of run to attach. It will be for 11 chickens (for now) up to 24. I have tons of space- I would like my flock to be as free range as possible but that's to be decided as I observe them once they can be outside full time. I have 2 chicken doors on my coop because I would like to be able to rotate the run every so often. I'm looking for a relatively cheap but efficient run, one that is safe and possibly partially sheltered.

I need your advice! What kind of run would be my best option!

Thank you!!!
Some people use dog kennel panels. Be sure to line the bottom of them with hardware cloth or something to prevent hawks, owls, and raccoons from pulling chickens through the chainlink.

I would put a top on it (heavy knotted netting) and hang for snow load, or do a solid roof if you get huge amts. of snow. Very wet snow would probably not go through the netting. Powdery snow goes through the 2 inch netting fine from my experience.

If you apron out at the bottom the hardware cloth, it will help prevent diggers from gaining access. Of course in order to prevent coons from climbing and chewing through the netting, you would have to use fencing on the roof.

There are some threads on BYC where they talk about kennels.

Another option is to move welded wire fencing around. I use welded wire fencing and just close them up in the coop at night. If you don't have a top on it though you may get hawk losses. You will need to assess how predator-proof you need to make it.

Runs are necessary, even if you free range, because sometimes there are predators hanging around or you need to go on vacation with a petsitter coming around, and they need to be closed up.
I too hope to use a dog run for a new chicken pen. Im planning on hardware cloth'ing the entire thing. What is X2 jetdog?
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