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    My DD just joined FFA through school and now I need "show" quality chickens. Ugggggg
    We have about 20 chickens already but none are "show" type.

    Where? What? Need any and all info you can give me. Thanks.
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    Finding good birds is a task more easily said than done. "Show quality" is a relative term. You could say that any bird that can compete in shows is "show quality". You probably didn't mean it that way, but some people truly think that. Most breeders don't advertise their birds as "show quality". It is a novice term used by entry level chicken keepers. What most breeders do is just let their experience and results speak for themselves. You wont see any champion breeders referring to their birds as "show quality" [breed], but rather by the line, or family, of the bird. For instance, in Rhode Island Reds, you probably wont find a good breeder selling "show quality rhode island reds" but rather "reese/mohawk rhode island reds" or some other line. "Show quality" is a very entry level term, and I would advise you stay away from people advertising that. Anyone can interpret their birds as show quality and call it that. Good lineage will speak for itself.

    If you really want a show winner, you will have to breed. No other way around it. No one is going to GIVE you a show winner. Some of the best breeders wont even sell their birds. Others only sell their culls. If you can't breed, I understand it. I cant breed either, yet. Cant keep a cock bird around. None of my birds are champions. I don't win anything other than BB or BV at shows. After all, why should someone sell me a champion? Its their birds. If you want a bird that will be a champion, you're going to have to breed it yourself.

    If you really cant breed, I suggest you go to shows, get acquainted with people, and learn who has what you are looking for. You can google and search for hours and days, but at the end of the day they're just words on a screen and the real true master breeders are outside in the real world. I wouldn't have half my knowledge or birds and breeders if I didn't go to shows. Also, people will be more willing to give you a start if they meet you in person and are impressed by your dedication to start keeping show quality birds. A breeder is more willing to respond to an interested child in FFA they meet in a show barn than some email they get online.

    That being said, if you are looking for decent birds and dont want to put in too much effort, I would look here:

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