need some advice for flight pen netting


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hello everyone,

I have four fantail pigeons, recently been attacked by something like a hawk. Was very lucky, just got there in time.
I want to secure the backyard with some sort of netting, I was wondering if you could give some advice where to get it and what
sort of netting would be the best.
I live in Cairns, Nth QLD, Australia, here you can't even buy a proper aviary, I don't think hardware stores would keep netting either.
Maybe getting it through ebay?

Here are some pictures of our backyard & pigeons.

It's a fairly small backyard and as you can see plenty of trees.
What do you guys think?

They are lovely birds. I got my avian netting from an on line supplier here in the United States ( I'm sure you would not want to pay for shipping from here). Try doing a search on line to find out if there are on line suppliers in Australia. I got 2 x 2 inch netting to keep out predators.

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