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Jan 9, 2018
i have 5 one month old chicks and i'm wondering when i can move them into the coop with 5 hens and a rooster witch are all 7 months old. only 2 of the hens showed a little aggression. I would like to put them out there full-time but if i cant that's okay. if i cant put them out now then when can i?
Seven weeks is about the earliest and you want flock introductions to be slow. Usually having them pens in the coop where they’re separated from the adults but the adults can still see them. I move my chicks to my coop at about 4 weeks, however, I have a room separated by wire that I keep them in until they are 10-12 weeks depending how many I have in the room. And I’ll start letting them out a few hours a day with the adults and then they go back into their room.
Many people will integrate chicks at 2-5 weeks because the adults feel less threatened by the smaller chicks. Read this article by aart:
And here is how Mrs. K does it:
I am of the camp of getting chicks in the flock by 3-4 weeks. I am a believer in a one way gate that allows the chicks to mingle with the big girls, but have a safety zone they can escape to if things get rough.

I also found it pretty helpful to kick the big girls out of the coop/run and lock them out free ranging, locking the chicks in the set up. The chicks can explore in safety, the hens see them in their territory, eating at their dish. I will go and chase them if they get far from their safe zone, so they know where to go.

Last spring, I had a good transition within a week. I do have a great deal of space.

Mrs k

I hope these two articles are of help to you.

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