Need some advice on cocci 5 week old chicks

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    May 31, 2010
    Hi, New to the forum, new to chickens, need a little sage advice! Purchased 5 chicks on Saturday, our first, the majority being 4-5 weeks old from someone at a chicken swap. All were bright eyed, active, clean vents, no signs of lice or such...brought them home 2:30 pm, all fine, bloody poop shows up overnight, my EE is listless, was not AT ALL when purchased. Called local Agway, picked up Sulmet for water, they all have had it in their water since Sun. mid day. The EE is neither better nor worse, she is listless but drinking, moves around some, not eating though, the few poops she's had yesterday/today and still can I force feed her to help perk her up a bit? My buff brahma is looking a bit listless today as well, but she still seems to be eating and drinking. All chicks are on medicated food, and drinking the medicated water. Keeping an eye on them all but need to get some food into my EE....advice from those with experience much appreciated!
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    I have never used Sulmet, but i have read, here on BYC that it can be slow acting and sometimes simply not affective for your particular strain of cocci. I use liquid Amprolium 9.6% and have had good success.

    To help out your affected babies, try feeding them yogurt to help coat their intestines. This soothes the lesions and helps them to be able to eat while getting better.

    As far as nutrition, also try boiled egg yolks. This is easily absorbed nutrition and very yummy.

    When the treatment is over, vitamins in their water is a good idea to help them recover.

    You've had them on sulmet since Sunday? Yesterday? Or a week ago? If it has been a week, i would get them off the sulmet and switch to amprolium - most often under the brand name Corid.
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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I have a question about the corid. I see they have it in the cow section at the local Fleet Farm. It does not give directions for chickens. Can this be used and if so what is the dosage? How long do you treat with it?
    Do you still feed the medicated feed while using corid?

    Thanks much
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    Quote:I'm not sure if it's ever labeled for chickens. What you want to make sure you're using the correct dosage for the correct concentration. If you have liquid Amprolium 9.6%, the dosage is one to two teaspoons to a gallon of water. Make sure the affected chickens drink only medicated water for 5 days.

    The medication in the feed is the same ingredient, and yes you can continue to use it.
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    Mar 6, 2010
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    Hi, The only Amprolium I've seen is Corid, marketed for cattle. I used it on my 5 week old chicks, and the blood was gone after a few days. I only had 1 chick who seemed sick, and she was greatly improved in 2 days. Good luck with your little ones!

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