need some advice on incubating eggs


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
keep getting a lot of malpositioned eggs following the little giant deluxe instructions. I've followed the info on egg storage and these eggs are out of my own flock. This has happened on both hatches

Flock is healthy but young
eggs are collected 2 times a day and set in 3-5 day time frame

they are looking good at 14 and 18 day candle and are ending up malpositioned at or after lock down apparently
1st hatch had 4
second hatch ended up with 12

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
I stop turning then and remove the egg turner on day 18 and lay them on the screen as per the incubator instructions

will try that on this next set of eggs Thank you

also only gonna put maybe 10 eggs in this one instead of 20+
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