Need Some Advice on Letting Young in the Pen with the Old....

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Chickie Mamma, May 15, 2009.

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    Hello, I have had my banty babies (almost 3 months old I think) in a brooder box built inside my new coop. I wanted to introduce them to my 3 big girls that are 2 years old. The 3 big hens have accepted new ducklings etc, but I am a little worried about the size difference. The 3 hens sleep in the coop at night and can see the 5 younger ones in the box. I would like to let them all out in the pen together. I let the big girls into the pen and close the door and let the little ones get the run of the coop most of the day. Any tips on how to make it a little more of a pleasant experience? I have electricity in the coop, so would the red light help? There are areas where the little ones can hide and the big girls don't fit. I would really love all of them to get along. The 3 big girls are very laid back sweeties. If anyone has their own way of getting them all to get along, please share with me! Thanks again for any replys! [​IMG]
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    give it a try! see how they do. sounds like they've been around each other enough, and the little ones have a safe zone.
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    All you can really do, is do it. It sounds like you are well set up, with them already used to seeing each other and with places for the little ones to run if they need to.

    Have multiple sources of food and water if possible so the littles don't have to compete too much. Keep a close eye on them at first and be prepared to pull them back out if you have to.

    My chicks still slept separate for the first week or so after daytime integration, but they were younger than yours...though not bantams.

    It will probably be just fine, good luck.

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