Need some advice please


Feb 27, 2018
so I have 4 little loves 2 are 4 weeks old and the other 2 are a little over 2 1/2 weeks old going on 3 weeks. I got a baby play yard because I want them to play with each other. When I first introduced them the big ones became violent to the small ones. They have been in bins beside each other for the last couple of weeks. Will they be ok to let them play supervised? I went to tractor supply and I have ordered the 10by10 dog kennel to make their safe place outside. I'm having a small door put on so they can come in and out. We are going to make a chicken wire fence around it my concern with this is we have all kinds of critters that could hurt them. I have researched putting the wire on the outside of the pin on the ground. Has anyone had success with this or is anyone know a better idea ?Is a 10by10 large enough for 4 ducks? Also last but not least I haven't been able to let any of them even see outside because of the weather. Today it is 57 could I let them play for like 10 minutes outside today just to get them used to it or would that make them sick? Thanks u all for all your help:bow
One more thing Do ducks who grow up with only 1 other duckling in the bin accept other ducks? I can't afford to make 2 duck enclosures. The intire size will eventually be a 10by10 dog lot with an attached chicken wire play area around the size of 15by15 is that enough space?

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