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May 4, 2015
We started our backyard chicken flock almost a year ago with two beautiful buffs and have loved all of our experiences. We wanted to expand our flock and this winter "rescued" two pullets. I say rescued because they were not well taken care of, and we have had all kinds of forward to now. One suffered frost bite on one foot and subsequently lost all three toes on one foot. She can't or doesn't roost in the coop, but rather under it, and doesn't socialize at all with the other girls. As a result, her belly is dirty and feathers broken off underneath. Recently, she has started getting much larger and today she was wheezing or honking when breathing. She is also less friendly with us as she used to come for some attention and love, but now runs away. I would say she is easily 10+ lbs. That is a 2.5 gallon bucket beside her in the photo...Her comb and waddles have never really grown and are a dark pink color. Our girls are fed freely organic pellets, occasionally free range in the backyard, and always have fresh water. The two older buffs are not having any trouble, and we recently got two easter eggers who are acclimating well.

We are guessing she is between 5-6 months old and are wondering what is going on with her??? Thank you all for any and all advice!
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Does she lay? Those are some HUGE legs! Id guess shes a cornish cross too at that weight, they arent designed to live longer than a couple months.
Ok, she hasn't started laying yet, but should soon according to age. We were told that she was a white leghorn, but our neighbor's leghorn is about 1/3 her size?!?!

I flipped her belly over yesterday to check it out, and belly feels normal - just big!

Thanks so much! I am thinking that you all are right!

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